‘Heaven Made’ – part 1 of the Tooth & Dagger Music Video quadrilogy

So where to begin eh?

It all started in rehearsal. We needed a visual concept for our single ‘Heaven Made’.

Heaven made is originally Luce’s song, with all of us just adding bits here and there, so it was difficult to really feel where we wanted the video to go.

I believe at one point (after a few beverages) there was something to do with soap, a table made from ice, and some wildlife, but rehearsal is blurry sometimes.

The next day I was doing some shopping and it hit me. I remember staring at a magazine that featured some nonsense to do with a video game I play (not addictively) and there was a big old, scratty looking bullfrog with a question mark above its head. I cannot remember what it said but it was something to do with advice on this video game I play (not addictively).

It was like a firework hitting a lightbulb. As if it were an intense swimming pool of creativity, I went diving into the storyline of what would become our Heaven Made video.

I knew the story I had in my head was far, far, far too long for one video, so I set about how I could place it into 4 separate videos, one for each song on our 4 track ‘The Embers EP’. See where this is going?

I also wanted to tell the story in reverse, beginning at the end and ending at the beginning – nice and simple isn’t it? It was meant to leave the viewer intrigued to know more of the story, but also, a little confused! I just really wanted to see what people would make of some of the crazy crap that formulates in my head. Even I get lost in there – so good luck to passers-by!!

Back to the frog I mentioned earlier. I wanted to tell the story of betrayal, loss, heartache, confidence, wisdom, fear, bliss… and everything in between. This is Tooth & Dagger though, so of course there needed to be a really dark twist to it, and a historical setting gave us the right kind of vibe to do that.

Thinking of the age-old tale of the princess kissing the frog, I thought to myself, what if the frog in question turned out to be something more sinister than a prince, and the princess was trapped? That would be a bit of a grim ending wouldn’t it? Then I went further with the idea – what if the frog was… AN UTTER TWAT?!! But not only that, he was transformed into a devilishly demonic frog by dark magic to punish him for all his wrongdoings, and now gambles away innocent people’s souls for his own greed and pleasure, only to be rescued by a not-so-innocent- bad- b*tch who has some of that dark magic too!

With a swashbuckling backstory, a few brave band mates and our heroine in place, we ended up with the story of ‘Dorothy’ and the ‘Demon Gambler’ – the double-crossing first mate to the captain of a ship who himself was actually……..!! Oops, that’s enough for now – more on that in the upcoming videos…

With the story pretty settled, I got to writing the screenplay, we filmed it, and then you guys watched the first video, which is the final chapter in the story of ‘Dorothy Embers and the Demon ‘First-mate’ Gambler’. If you haven’t watched it, then stop what you’re doing and immediately watch it here. Welcome back. If you enjoyed that, you’ll love the next video in the saga, for our upcoming brand-new single ‘Sinking Feelings’, which delves much deeper into the backstory and helps explain some of the events of Heaven Made. We in Tooth & Dagger could not be more excited to watch it all come together and can’t wait to get all your reaction as the saga continues!

The overall idea of the Heaven Made video was a warning to being careful what you do for selfless reasons, because people may take advantage of your good character. So, try to focus on your own life, but of course if you can help others within whatever you are doing; staying humble, opening the door for someone, smiling at a stranger, helping the world, then go for it!!! Just be wary that human nature has its dark side and many people are only too happy to prey on those who try to help them.

This song was meant for the people who have been wronged for doing a good thing and need the chance to settle the score. The roll of the dice. Heaven made me a deal, but hell made me feel….