The Embers EP with the debut single ‘Heaven Made’

The video for “Heaven Made”, shot on location in Stourbridge and featuring the band, brings the vivid lyrics to life through a gritty reworking of ‘The Princess and the Frog’. Drummer Chris Watson says “’Heaven Made’, like most of our songs, has some real dark undertones and we wanted to make a music video that reflects our sound”. The video, directed by vocalist Dante Efemey is available now via the band’s YouTube page

Iain showing you don’t need your bottom teeth to make a great video on location filming ‘Heaven Made’

Sinking Feelings

The lyrics of “Sinking Feelings” use the tormented voices of a captain and his crew, struggling aboard a ship in shark infested waters, as a vivid metaphor for the burden depression places on the sufferer’s mind and the chaos it can create. Vocalist Dante Efemey says “’Sinking Feelings’ is about the ghosts of one’s past being ever present. Sometimes it feels like the more you chase the horizon in search of a fresh start, the harder those ghosts hold on to you, pulling you back”. The events in the video for “Sinking Feelings” act as a prequel to previous single “Heaven Made”, vividly depicting how a vengeful sailor ultimately becomes the demon gambler protagonist of “Heaven Made”. The video, filmed on location by Dan Hutchinson and directed by Efemey, is available now! >>><<<


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